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How To Fold Towels

How To Fold Towels

This VideoJug film is going to effectively demonstrate multiple ways to cleanly and neatly fold a towel to maximize storage space and visual appearance of your towels.

Hi, I am Amy and I am a visual merchandiser in John Lewis, and I am going to show you how to fold towels. The first thing you need is a big flat surface to lay your towel down on. I am going to showing you two ways to fold a towel and this is the first one.

Bring the corners up to match, making it nice and flat. Then we do the same thing once more, up to match. Now you bring one edge into the middle and bring the second edge over the top.

You see you get a nice swirl. That is the first way to fold a towel. The second way, again a nice flat surface, you fold it long ways in, but not all the way, just a small amount because we do not want the towel to become tiny; we want to keep the size.

Fold one edge into the middle and the same on the other side, just pull it straight in, keeping it nice and flat on top. Then we fold over, keeping it nice and flat, and that is the second way to fold a towel and the edge makes it appear that there is two when there is in fact one. That is the way you fold a towel.