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How To Form A Long Barrier

How To Form A Long Barrier

Good fielding saves runs, and can be the difference in a close game of cricket, and the long barrier is the safest way to stop a ball. So watch this VideoJug film and learn how to form a long barrier to improve your cricket game.

Step 1: You will need

  • a cricket ball

Step 2: Get in position

Anticipate the angle of the ball and head towards it
Approach the ball at speed and as you get into line with the ball, twist your upper body, leading with the shoulder furthest from the ball

Step 3: Get down

Bend both knees, so that the knee of the leg nearest to the ball touches the ground but it is also next to the back of the heel of the other leg

Step 4: And up

With fingers down and head forward, pick up the ball and then stand back up ready to deliver an over arm throw

Step 5: TOP TIP

make sure you get down and behind the ball simply bending down can lead to you missing the ball and conceding runs

Step 6: Ready to play