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How To Freshen Smelly Shoes

How To Freshen Smelly Shoes

The best fast & easy fix for a horrible shoe smell ! using only items that cost you $1 or less you can now start re-using that grate old pair of shoes you once loved so...

Step 1: Smelly Shoes

Have you ever bought a pair of brand new shoes and you couldn't wear them more than a week or maybe two weeks because they started smelling awful? In this video I'm going to show you how you can eliminate, totally, the bad smell from any pair of shoes. You may have tried lots of methods like putting a soap bar inside a pair of shoe. But that didn't really work out now did it? You may have washed it or whatever but the smell keeps coming back. I'm going to show you how to eliminate it totally by using only $1.00 in household items.

Step 2: Use Lemons To Remove The Smell

Now the only thing you need to get rid of the nasty smell are a few lemons. Yes, you heard me right, a few lemons. Now you slice them up into teeny pieces and you put them inside the shoe, but be careful, the shoe has to be wet and you have to let it dry naturally. Don't use sunlight or heat to dry out the shoe, you have to let it naturally that way the lemon will absorb all the bad smell. It will give it a fresh lemon smell. And the smell will never, I mean never come back again.