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How To Get A Bowling Strike

How To Get A Bowling Strike

Sam describes how to set up the perfect strike in the game of bowling. He first describes the pins and their numbers and then points out the best place to aim the bowling ball for a strike.

Hi. My name is Sam. I've been a bowler for twenty years and today, we are at Rowan's Pinsway Park, and today I'm showing you how to bowl.

Here I am at the end of the lane. Technically not supposed to be here. You can see our ten pins.

They are actually numbered with the first pin being at the very front and then from going left to right, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and in the right hand corner, there is our ten pin. Here we have our ten pins numbered one to ten. At the very front, we have our head pin, number one, and going from left to right, they're numbered two, three, four, five in the very middle, six, seven pin on our left corner, eight, nine, and the ten pin on the right hand corner.

The perfect strike position and what you're aiming for, for a right hander would be between pins number one and number three, and for a left hander, pin number one between pin number two. Your perfect strike position. .