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How To Get A Boyfriend

How To Get A Boyfriend

Tired of seeing all your friends in great relationships while you stay home alone? Learn common sense tips and tricks to finding the new boyfriend of your dreams! Find out how to decide what you want, what he wants, and the importance of a great sense of humor.

Hi, my name is Niki and I'm a counsellor and psychotherapist. I work a lot with teenagers. I'm here to talk to you about some of the issues that you might find that you're dealing with as a teenager and to hopefully give you some tips that might be useful.

I'm going to talk to you about how to get a boyfriend. Obviously, the same thing really applies when I talk through some of the ways in which you can get a boyfriend if you're a boy or you're a girl and you're looking for a boyfriend. First of all, it's about thinking what kind of boyfriend you want.

Is it that you want a boy that looks good, that's going to look good on your arms or you're interested more in how he'll be toward you? Are you wanting a relationship that's more serious or more casual? And also, what have you got to offer a boy? Think about what it is about you that might be appealing or attractive to a boy, and not just about your appearance but also about your character and how you are as a person. The how-to bit of how to get a boyfriend first of all is about where do you find them. Where do you meet boys? Are they around you at school or at college? Do you do any kind of sports? Are you involved in any youth group where there are boys around? If you're not around many people, then you're needing obviously to find places where you're going to meet more boys, but let's say you're at school or you're at college and there are a fair few boys around, then start by just noticing boys more.

It may be up until now, you've only thought about one sort of boy that you're going to be with or that you're interested in. Now, start thinking of a whole range of boys and start talking to boys more. If you have them as off limits and too frightening to talk to, then you're never going to get to know someone which means it's harder for you to get a boyfriend anyway, so start being friendlier - just generally chatting to guys, asking questions, getting to know them by just being friendly, remembering what they say, showing an interest, and finding mutual interests that you've got in common with the guy that you're talking to.

If you start finding a boy attractive and you think he might be a boy that you'd like to go out with, then find out what you've got in common so it gives you more conversation openers and you can start learning more about him and finding out if he's someone you would want to go out with or know more about. And then, do you ask him out? If you're a girl and you're looking for a boyfriend, there's a lot more pressure on girls not to do the asking out and pressure on boys to do the asking out but it's modern times now and girls can ask boys out just as much as boys can girls, but decide if you want to. Keep it informal.

Keep it more fun. See if he'll go out with you to cinema or doing something else that is more enjoyable and is less heavy. It might be that you haven't had a boyfriend before, but it might be that he has never been out with a girl before so you might both be new at this and quite nervous about it.

If you are feeling nervous then try and manage your nerves. Try and calm yourself down. Remind yourself that you're just human as he is too, and try to keep it fun and light.

Use some humor and enjoy getting to know him until you feel comfortable enough to start going places and perhaps going on dates with him. .