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How To Get A Cork Out From A Wine Bottle

How To Get A Cork Out From A Wine Bottle

Amazing cork trick. Retrieve a cork from within a bottle without breaking the bottle. Use this cool cork trick as a bet. Find this and more cool tricks at http://www.funpartytricks.com All tricks are free and on video.

Step 1: Introduction and Instructions

Okay, this a cool trick that I'm going to show you and if you like you can make a bet on it. What you have to do; take a cork and put it inside a bottle. Make a lot of pressure. Let me tell you that now you're going to be able to take this cork out of this bottle, without breaking the bottle. And obviously, I won't be able to use my fingers.

Step 2: Trick Revealed

So how do you take out the cork from the bottle? Let me show you how.

To take the cork out of the bottle, this is what you have to do. Take out a plastic bag, roll it and put it inside the bottle. Like this.Then, you're going to put the bottle upside down and you're going to let the to cork fall next to the plastic bag.

Then you're going to take the bottle and blow the plastic bag. Watch. So you blow up the bag. All you have to do is pull. Here is your cork. Enjoy.