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How To Get A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

This is a topic which every teenage boy has to deal with in his life. This video is very helpful in giving some advice on how to get a girlfriend.

Hi, my name is Niki and I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, and I work a lot with teenagers. I am here to talk to you about some of the issues you might find that you are dealing with a teenager, and to hopefully give you some tips that might be useful. I am going to talk to you about how to get a girlfriend.

The first of all, what kind of girl are you interested in? Do you already have an image in mind to the sort of girl that you'd want as a girlfriend? And do you have an image of that mostly you just are thinking how she looks unless you think about what kind of person she is and what her views would be and how she would be with you what sort of relationships you can be thinking as well, when you think about having a girlfriend? Is it a casual relationship, is it that you want actually want something a little more serious you want somebody to really share your days with or your time with the interests with, or is it more of a trophy girlfriend that you are thinking to fit your mates, etc? Also what have you got to offer a girl? You know what it is about you that might mean someone would be interested in you and I don't just mean like how you look but also how you come across, how you treat people, and you know the experience you might have had before with girls whether as friends or you know as crushes. And if this is your first girlfriend, obviously it is going to be more kind of like a do or die time or a scary time. But the how to bit of getting a girlfriend is really important because you start off with you need to be thinking of girls much more openly instead of trying reduce girls down to just looking at a certain way or only this certain type of girl you think about or attracted to.

Start opening up and start thinking about you know being interested in all sorts of girls and start talking to more girls. You just be more friendly in general and talking to girls around you even without you thinking about them potentially being a girlfriend. You might end up in finding a few more girls interestingly whom you wouldn't have foresaw in the beginning.

Rather than having narrow images of what sort of a girl you're interested in, just sort of go on out and start talking to girls more and in various. And think about who she is, what is it about a girl that comes and capture your attention so once you start talking to girls more and just noticing girls in general more than you used to, one of the good, one of the main ways of getting a conversation going is asking them questions. Show an interest in them, lots of girls would say you know if you are a guy that guys don't tend to listen very well all they talk a lot about themselves.

So, you can already start to improve that by showing interest and remembering what they are saying so that you can follow up by asking them something else. If you are a girl looking for a girl, then the same things apply really although you might see no girls would be more comfortable with girls because you see what we want to. But as listening to girls showing in general, you might find it's finding, you know, mutual interests that might appeal and meet more girls that way, you know, whether through sports or music or social group or something like that.

So, you actually meet more girls you are more likely to find someone. Another thing that is really important, girls find it really important, is good hygiene. You know, smell good, smell good and don't overdo the kind of heavy flirting.

Just take it easy, have fun, be light hearted about it. It doesn't have to be a really serious kind of thing to find a girlfriend. It's about having a, you know being a bit easy and being flirty in a way which isn't full on heavy innuendos or is more about smiling at someone or holding their eye contact, giving them a winning smile just making someone feel special.

You know, someone is going to respond to you, better a girl responds to you, better if you help her feeling good a