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How To Get A Great Look With Liquid Eyeliner

How To Get A Great Look With Liquid Eyeliner

Here's a useful guide to applying liquid eyeliner effectively and without making a mess. See how the professional makeup artists apply their own liquid eyeliner and create a gorgeous look of your own with this step by step guide.

Step 1: You will need

  • A Liquid Eyeliner
  • You might also need some eye make up remover and cotton pad in case anything goes wrong

Step 2: Before you start

Prep the skin with a layer of foundation over the eyelids to help the eyeliner go on smoothly, although this is not essential.

Step 3: How to apply

Eyeliner can either be applied as a gel with a brush, as a liquid with a brush or fibre tip, or my personal favourite is a cream to powder eyeshadow in black or dark brown as it is easy to vary the thickness of the line.

Liquid eyeliner should be applied along the roots of the upper lashes working up and out from the inner corners outwards. If you can’t draw in 1 smooth motion, draw a succession of little lines along the upper lashes and join them up.

The line should be thicker at the outer corners of the eyes to make them look bigger.

Next, draw a line along the roots of the lower lashes, stopping halfway along and working from the outer corner inwards.

Step 4: The 'flick'

To create a ‘flick’ beyond the outer corner of each eye, press a credit card or ruler at an angle against the corner of your eye and draw along it.

Step 5: Mistakes

If you make any mistakes, use a make-up corrector pen or some cleanser on a cotton bud to wipe the make-up away.