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How To Get A More Flexible Body

How To Get A More Flexible Body

Getting a flexible body is not a hard thing to do. Not when you have this step-by-step video by VideoJug showing you just how to do it. Learn the right way to stretch in order to make your body more flexible in this easy-to-do video!

Here we go! Hi, my name is Richardo Macedo. I'm from "R Fitness" in Kensington, London. We are going to show you how to do some exercises and present you with a few guidelines.

So let's get ready. Hi! I am going to show you today how to get a flexible body. Let's go.

There are many ways to achieve a good, flexible body. The main way is consistency. The ideal way to stretch would be after your workout, but if you haven't had a chance to have a workout before stretching, then you can start gently.

When you feel your muscles getting tense and pulling, relax. It should not be painful. You should not be struggling.

Start gently, increase gradually, and you will get there. Today, Fendy is going to show us a few different stretches. We are going to start with our legs wide open.

We are going to go left and right. Here we go, all the way down, reach for your feet, rise, go down right in the middle, rise, and on the other side. You should hold each position for fifteen seconds, then repeat three more times.

That is one basic stretch. We have a few more to show you. I am going to ask Fendy to sit down on the floor.

Yes, that is good. And you are going to reach forward, as far as you can get. Good.

Try to hold your position for fifteen seconds and then repeat on the other side. Good. Hold your position and then we do the stretch on the back using the same type of position.

Hold your position for fifteen seconds and then go to the other side. Good. We are going to make sure that you have a good stretch on your abs, your core as well.

So we are going to ask Fendy to lie down on her stomach. Turn around and rise. Compress your spine and stretch the whole abs, stretch your hips, and flex.

Good. So a few more stretches for the body, and you are there! Fendy, can I ask you to stand up? Raise your triceps, yes, right above your head. That is good.

Hold your position for fifteen seconds, switch sides, hold your position, and then stretch upwards. Reach forward and to the front. Really stretch your back.

Those are the very basic ones, so that's all for today! Thank you.