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How To Get Along With Your Girlfriend's Friends

How To Get Along With Your Girlfriend's Friends

Survive the dangers of meeting your girlfriend's friends with VideoJug's relationship guide. We will show you all you need to know to help you get along with your girlfriend's friends.

Step 1: The one you fancy

If you are immediately attracted to one of your girlfriend's friends, there are a few important points to remember. Don't stare, or if you have to, don't be caught staring with doe-eyed affection or ravenous lust. Don't spend too much time focussing on her, as there's a risk she will
a) enjoy this and flirt back, leaving you both in a difficult situation.
b) loudly reject you, leaving only you in a difficult situation.

Step 2: The one who bores the pants off you

This specimen will probably be welcoming and kind, but it will quickly dawn on you that she's about as interesting as a double glazing salesman. Resist the urge to show your boredom, and banish all thoughts of what you'd really like to do or say to her.

Even if she's telling you about her string of doomed relationships, pretend to show an interest, and interject with an occasional question or comment. If you don't do this, this otherwise harmless creature could turn into 'the one who hates you', and start criticising your every flaw to your girlfriend.

Step 3: The one who isn't female

Ah, the male friend. A dangerous creature who may be part of the group because a) he fancies your girlfriend, b) is going out with one of the other girls, or c) he's not into girls.

He may want to test you or compete against you for the girls attention. Laugh at his jokes, buy him drinks, let him be the Alpha male. If he offers you any kind of challenge, graciously accept, without being aggressively competitive. Massage his ego by making sure you lose and he wins. In this alien female universe, he may be a much-needed ally.

Step 4: The one with all of them

A girlfriend's friends are an important part of every girl's life. But be grateful, as without them you'd have to spend much more time with her talking about hair removal techniques, Victorian literature and celebrity marriages. Always be positive about the relationship and never ever ever ever criticise your girlfriend to her friends.
And remember this, if you don't feel confident - you don't need to say anything. They'll see you as a strong silent type which won't matter as they will no doubt all have lots to say.