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How To Get Big Muscles Fast

How To Get Big Muscles Fast

In this video, fitness consultant Dan will help you build big muscles fast. He will tell you in which way you need to exercise to bulk up!

If you want to get big muscles fast, the first thing you need to do is work out which muscle you want to build, and then find some appropriate exercises to build it, and then secondly, you need to push yourself hard. That means doing exercise which is challenging, with relatively little reps. If you do an exercise, twenty, thirty, forty times, it's not going to be enough to actually stimulate a change in your muscular system to generate size for your muscle.

Let me explain what I'm talking about. Let's say I want to build up my chest, a really good exercise for that would be the press-up, which is this. However, for me, that's not quite challenging enough, it's working at my muscles, but it's not difficult enough, so I need to think of a way to make it harder.

I have a few options. One, I could raise my feet. This puts more strain on my chest.

It's about 25% harder. Putting my hands together makes it much harder. I could go even further, I could start doing handclap press-ups, I could handclap behind my back, double handclap, I can put my feet even higher, the point is, I can make it really, really hard, really challenging, so after six, seven, eight reps, I'm exhausted.

For me, that would make a difference. Let's think in another way though, just say you're doing a press-up and you're not strong enough to do a press-up, it's too difficult. If you can only do half a press-up, or one, it's too much.

Then you need to find ways to make it easier. So, rather than doing a press-up like that, you can do it on your knees, much easier. So, to recap, find an appropriate exercise for the muscle you want to train, and adapt it in a way so it's really challenging for you.

Train every day, eat well, and you'll definitely get big muscles with this. .