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How To Get Bigger Buttocks

How To Get Bigger Buttocks

Watch training professional, Dan, as he takes you through some easy techniques to achieve bigger buttocks. He offers an at home technique, as well as, an in the gym technique.

Hi. I'm, Dan. I run the fitness company, Dan Roberts Training.

We specialize in personalized training in London. Work for a range of clients including Hollywood actors, royalty, and professional athletes. I'm here today to give you some fitness tips.

In this video I'm going to talk to you about how to get bigger buttocks. Now, I'm going to show 2 exercises. 1 you can do at home and 1 you can do in a gym.

Both are fantastic exercises to work the glutes if we're going to be technical about it which are these muscles here. First of all, if you're at home you can do this with no weight at all, or hold some heavy books, or a suitcase, or anything which is vaguely heavy. We're going to do something called a deep squat.

Now, assuming you haven't got bad knees is a very safe exercise. You're going to hold the weight next to your chest, feet shoulder width apart and go all the way down and slowly go all the way up. When you do a normal squat you tend to stop here which works your quads and a little bit of your glutes, but as you get your hips lower than the knee the glutes fight even more so it has more of an effect.

So, you get bigger glutes. Show you again. Down, slowly up.

Next, if you're in a gym we're going to something called a Romanian dead lift which is probably a little bit better exercise to be honest. This gets bigger buttocks, but also is really good for strengthening your lower back as an added bonus. Lean yourself over the bar.

Now, what we're going to do is bend over from our hips. Down and then up. It's really important you don't bend your knees.

That's to much of a squat. You have to bend over and come back up. So, what I'm doing I'm sticking my bum out and leaning over.

Really important piece of advice is to make sure your back is flat. Doing it like this causes way more problems. Always, stay flat.

So, when you're doing any kind of muscle building training you need to eat right. High protein and high carbs is really important. This really compliments the training you're doing to optimize results.

And those are some tips on how to build bigger buttocks.