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How To Get Bigger Thighs

How To Get Bigger Thighs

A trainer at a london gym instructs you how to build your thigh muscles up with only one simple excersise that you can even do in your own home.

Hi I'm Joe from SoHo gym and I'm a personal trainer. We have six sites across London. We've got freeweights, resistance machines cardio equipment, studios and lots of great classes.

Today, I'll be showing you how to build up muscle. Today We'll be looking at how to build bigger thighs. We've going to need a barbell.

And this is a long bar where we take a grip using two hands. The excersise we're going to be looking at is called a squat.What you want to do is stand up with the weight, back straight and moving the weight overhead, and resting over your shoulders.

Make sure you don't rest the barbell onto your neck because this can be painful and also quite dangerous. Now from here you're going to perform the squat. Keep your chin up, chest up, shoulders back, and with the back straight your going to squat yourself down.

As low as you can and drive up through the heels. Its important that you keep your heels on he floor and you drive up through your heels and you dont use your toes. What you're going to find is that this excersise is gonna predominantly work around the front of the legs.

By performing this excesise for about 12 reps, you'll find that you're going to get bigger legs. If you find that you can do this excersise at your chosen weight for more than 12 reps then you're going to have to choose a heavier weight. If you find that you can do less than 12 reps for this excesise then you're going to have to choose a slightly lighter weight.

Its also important that while you're doing this excersise you keep your back engaged, nice and straight, so that you don't cause yourself any back problems. By performing this excersise at a good weight for 12 reps you'll find that you're going to get bigger leg muscles. .