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How To Get Eyes Like Aishwarya Rai

How To Get Eyes Like Aishwarya Rai

Hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world, and Bollywood's biggest star, Aishwarya Rai has eyes that every woman wants. VideoJug teamed up with Naveeda, award winning Bollywood makeup artist, to show you how to get them.

Step 1: Colours

To create these eyes, you will need to use soft, neutral colours like browns, golds and beiges, and you will need several different shades to perfect Aishwarya's look. Because her eyes are so dramatic naturally, Aishwarya keeps them looking natural and neutral.

Step 2: Outline The Crease of The Eyelid

Using a small brush, outline the crease of the eyelid with a dark colour - this helps to give the eye definition. Blend it in with a blending brush so that the line is soft and does not look too harsh. The best colour to use here is a brown or bronze.

Step 3: Shimmery Colour

With a big brush, apply a light, shimmery colour and brush it onto the eyelid. Smooth it all over the lower eyelid. TOP TIP: When applying the eyeshadow to the brush make sure you shake off all the excess powder before you apply it to the eye.

Step 4: Glittery Colour

Take a pale, glittery, creamy eyeshadow and, with a small brush coat this over the top of the colour you have already applied. Again, shake off the excess before you apply it to the eye. Gently dab this colour onto the middle of the eyelid, where the eyeball sits.

Step 5: Earthy Colour

Using a light, earthy colour and a small brush, gently apply a layer of colour to the upper eyelid and across the browbone, so it sits underneath the eyebrow.

Step 6: Ouline Crease of Eyelid Again

Using the same dark brown colour you used in step one, gently go over the crease of the eyelid once more, to redefine the shape of the eye.

Step 7: Eyeliner Effect

Using an angled brush, take a dark brown colour and apply it to the upper eyelid, as you would apply eyeliner. Using a blending brush, soften this line a bit. If you wish to, you can do the same to the lower eyelid, although this is not essential.

Step 8: Highlight

Using a very pale colour and a small brush, highlight the top of the eye, underneath the eyebrow.

Step 9: Mascara

Apply a light coat of brown mascara to finish the look. And there you have it. Aishwarya Rai eat your heart out!