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How To Get Free Microsoft Points For Xbox 360

How To Get Free Microsoft Points For Xbox 360

Almost all Xbox Live users would appreciate getting some Microsoft Points for little to no money. In this video, you'll learn a way to get free Microsoft points for Xbox 360.

Hi, I'm Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget and today, I'll be talking about the Xbox 360. On this video, we'll be showing you how to get free Microsoft points for your Xbox 360. With the Xbox 360, the way of paying for things such as downloadable content or online games through the Xbox Live network is by using Microsoft points.

This ensures that whichever country you're in, that there is a fairly comparable price for Xbox online games or downloadable content. Now, Xbox points do actually cost real money so this leads many people to look for ways to get free Microsoft points. It's got to be said that there's no such thing as a free lunch, and this is especially true with Microsoft points.

One of the ways that you could get Microsoft points is by filling out online surveys on the internet. Now, a lot of companies run websites by which they run surveys to find out people's opinions on things. And one of the ways they reward people is either by money, or by vouchers, or in some circumstances, Microsoft points.

A word of warning here, you've got to make sure that the site you're going to that offers free Microsoft points in return for survey questionnaires is a legitimate website. If you have any doubt whatsoever, don't give out any information at all because it might be used to commit crime. Just a word of warning there, but there are legitimate websites out there that do offer Microsoft points in return for filling out surveys.

And that's how to get free Microsoft points for Xbox Live. .