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How To Get Glowing Bronzed Skin With Binky

How To Get Glowing Bronzed Skin With Binky

In this episode Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead shows you how to get her perfect bronzed, illuminated skin. She'll show you all her favourite products and how she applies them to get her gorgeous glowing, sunkissed look.

Products Used

  • Dior SkinFlash Primer - Radiance Boosting Makeup Primer
  • Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid
  • BareMinerals All Over Face Colour in Faux Tan
  • Too Faced La Creme - Colour Drenched Lip Cream in Coral Fire

Step 1: Apply Primer

Apply your primer all over your face. This will illuminate your skin and create a perfect smooth base for your makeup to sit on. A primer creates a layer between your skin and foundation so your skin doesn't get clogged up, using a primer will also make your makeup last longer.

Step 2: Add Illuminator/Shimmer

You only need a small amount of this product, apply it underneath your brows and on your cheekbones, or even all over the face. Using a shimmer or illuminator will freshen and brighten your face and give your skin a glow.

Step 3: Apply Bronzer

Swirl your brush in your bronzer and tap off the excess. Apply the bronzer on your cheeks, forehead and down the nose, and to any other areas you want to add a bit of colour to. You are aiming to create a natural, sunkissed look.

Step 4: Add Lipstick

A pink lipstick can complete a bronzed look. Apply straight from the tube and use your fingers to blend it in.