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How To Get Great Abs

How To Get Great Abs

Have you ever dreamt of having a booty like Beyonce or pecks like Becks? Well here are our tops tips to achieving great abs

Step 1: Build Muscle

You will need to re-awaken your muscles but don't panic there are a few basic exercises to concentrate on your tummy area:

Step 2: Lose fat

Unless you lose some of your unwanted tummy fat no one is going to be able to see your new improved toned up muscles. You need to get your body fat down to around 10% before your stomach muscles show so the best place to start is by doing cardio. Exercises such as running, biking, swimming, tennis, dancing are all great ways to burn fat. The best way is to do a cardiovascular workout when you first wake up as your body will search for energy and when it finds an empty stomach it will start on your fat supplies.

Step 3: Diet

It is important that you keep your metabolism steady. This increases and slows with food intake so try and eat smaller meals more frequently. Eating more fibre is also a good source of helping your internal digestion. Make sure you eat breakfast. If you don't you will end up having more for lunch and get the drowsy after effects making you inactive and unmotivated. Keep your water intake up to help metabolism. Remember hunger pangs could in fact just mean you are thirsty. Try to get 2 litres a day.

Step 4: Motivation

Motivation is key to the whole process. Unless you make yourself stick to the routine your tummy will remain in the state it is now. If your main aim is achieving the end result of rippling muscles you will soon fail. You have to enjoy or at least learn to enjoy the exercise you are doing. Think about the other health benefits you are gaining or even how your partner will like the results too!