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How To Get Great At Bmx Flatland Tricks

How To Get Great At Bmx Flatland Tricks

Watch some basic samples of flatland tricks. These are essential tricks that you must master in flatland. It's great to watch and fun to do.

I'm going to show you how to do BMX flatland tricks. Now flat land is all down to your imagination, you can put any combination of tricks together but basically it is broken down to various styles of riding. You have your rolling tricks, which is essentially brakeless and you will roll on one wheel or another and in various positions.

You have your scuffing tricks, which mean that you will use your foot kind of as a brake to move your wheel along. You will not use pedals or anything like that, you will be in a position where you will just scuff the wheel and the bike will move. You also have your hopping tricks which is a lot of your old school hopping and balancing move which will be under your beginner sort of umbrella and then you also have your spinning tricks which is quite of explosive and the bike will spin and spin and spin but again they can all be added together.

There are no rules, you can scuff, spin or roll all in the same combination, it is totally down to your imagination at the end of the day. I'm going to show you how to so one of each style of riding. I'm going to show you how to do a rolling trick basically.

It's going to be 3 different moves that I'm going to do; it's going to go from intermediate to quite a hard trick. The last trick is called a hitch hiker which is quite a hard trick to learn but it is the most fun trick out there, one of them. I'm going to do a little combo with tricks added together so you will see how it all works and what it should look like.

Another style of flat land riding is called scuffing which is actually using the foot as a brake and using the foot to manipulate the front wheel so the bike moves with the one wheel and the foot, I will do a demonstration of a couple of tricks put together for you which involve a lot of scuffing. Another aspect of your flatland will be your spinning tricks, these are really fun to do and they look great. You just need to basically get your balance points and spin.

Now, depending on your surface as well. It depends on how long you spin for. If it's a bit rough it won't be as long but it will still look good but if you're in a smooth surface and you get your sweet spot you will be spinning all day long.

And that's how you do BMX flatland tricks in the different styles that are available, scuffing, spinning and rolling.