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How To Get Hair Extension Glue Out

How To Get Hair Extension Glue Out

This Videojug film will show you the proper way to safely and quickly remove hair extensions and how to get the glue out.

Today I'm going to be taking you through a series of videos that include hair care tips, styling product knowledge, and how to use certain hair equipment. Hi. On this video I'm going to be showing you how to remove hair extension glue.

I've got a weft already glued into the hair so I'm just going to show you how to kind of get that out and remove the glue at the same time. All I'm going to be using is a cotton bud and some hair extension glue remover. All you're going to do is keep working along the weft where the glue is.

This breaks it down. This product will break it down. I'm just using a cotton bud to get into the hair.

See as I'm doing that the more I'm using the more it's coming away. Once you've done this you should be able to wash your hair and any remaining glue shall come out pretty easily. I do suggest when you do wash the hair that you do leave the shampoo on, and when you do condition just to comb through with a fine tooth comb just through that section where the glue is just to make sure it's been completely removed.

You can just see that's just all coming away. If there's any kind of last remnants that are left it they when you wash your hair they will all come out with conditioner anyway. If you see that's pretty much out.

There you go, straight out. So any kind of glue that you've got left just go over with the remover. The more you do this before you wash your hair the better.

So if there's anything left on the hair just use a little bit of remover and a fine tooth comb and just comb it. Then when you go to shampoo your hair as you can see there's nothing left in there. Then just check with your fingers just to make sure there's nothing left there.

That is how to remove hair extension glue.