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How To Get Imei Number

How To Get Imei Number

The Individual Mobile Equipment Identifier is commonly known as an IMEI number. It is a serial number for mobile phones. Learn how to find the IMEI number on any cell phone.

How to Get your IMEI Number. Every phone has a unique serial number called an IMEI. It stands for Individual Mobile Equipment Identifier.

It means that when you make a phone call on your mobile phone, the network knows what phone they're talking to. To find your IMEI which is very useful, it's the code number that you need if your phone gets stolen to get your phone blocked. It's a simple code and it's the same on every phone in the world.

You type star, hash, zero, six, hash (*#06#) and the IMEI pops up on the screen. This phone's unusual because it's a dual SIM phone. It's got two SIM cards in it.

Of course, that means it's got two IMSI's but it's also got two IMEI's because the way it controls having two SIMS is actually to have two phones inside the box. So, unlike any type of phone, this one has two phones so it talks and I'll get it to read out what I'm typing as I'm up here. And now, it's displayed IMEI, the one for SIM one and there's the one for SIM two.

Now, it's important to understand that the IMEI is only there to enable to the SIMs to work. They're not actually related to the SIM card. That would be IMSI.

And that's how you get your IMEI number on your mobile phone. .