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How To Get Internet On 3DS

How To Get Internet On 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS portable video game console is quite a sophisticated toy that is capable of accessing the internet for game downloads, updates, etc. Watch this two-minute VideoJug film as video game expert Andy Robertson (creator of the Game People website) shows how to configure your 3DS in order to access the internet.

I'm going to tell you how to connect your 3DS to the internet. It's important to do this, so that you can use the online features it provides. To access your internet settings, turn your 3DS on, go to your home screen, and select the system settings section.

Here there's an icon for internet settings, we tap this, and it will give us access to the different connection settings for the 3DS. To create a new connection, tap the button, and there are two options: Manual Setup or Tutorial. I'm going to select Manual Setup.

An easy option here is to search for access points that are available in your area. These will correspond to your wireless network. Once the 3DS has searched for wireless networks, it provides you a list.

Here I'm selecting the wireless network available to me, and entering the security key. Once you've done that, tap OK. The access point is then saved in a particular connection.

You can confirm that. It now performs a test to make sure you can access the internet. As you can see, the 3DS is communicating with our access point here, and the access point is communicating with the internet.

There we are, our connection's successful. We can confirm that. Head back to the home screen.

Back at the home screen, you can see we have our internet connection signified at the top left, and we can take advantage of the different features the 3DS provides. So there you are, the system settings, set up my wireless internet connection, entered my security key, and I'm ready to go. So that's how you connect the 3DS to the internet. .