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How To Get Internet On Psp

How To Get Internet On Psp

It is so useful to have an internet connection anywhere we are. So, the Psp can be not only useful for playing games but also for information that we may need when we are on the move.

Now, a Psp is a great device for gaming on the go but also, it's really good for accessing the internet by a built-in browser. I'm going to tell you how to set this up and get this working. To use speeches on the Psp by the internet browser, first you have to set up your internet connection.

You do this by making sure you have your wireless internet button switched on, slide that over to the right and then you work your way over to the left menu, the settings menu and move down to the bottom, click 'x' on network settings and select infrastructure mode. This lets you connect to a local area network by Wi-Fi. To add a new Wi-Fi connection, you then press 'x' on the scan button and then it will give you a list of the different Wi-Fi networks available to you.

Pick the one you want to connect to and then press right, entering information on each step so that you can connect to that network. Here's one I've got set up. Once you've done that, you press 'x' to save your settings and you can test the connection.

There we are, we're connected to the internet. Now, that's set up, you could browse web pages on your Play Station Portable. So there you go.

To set up your Psp with the internet, you need to turn on the wireless button at the top, go to the right, pick up your network settings, pick ‘at hawk infrastructure mode', set the settings up for your wireless work and then you're good to go. .