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How To Get Kate Middleton Hair

How To Get Kate Middleton Hair

Nadia from Foster London shows us how to achieve Kate Middleton's hairstyle in fast and easy steps. This is professional styling advice to get celebrity hair. Learn how to get Kate Middleton's hairstyle in fast and easy steps.

I'm going to talk to you today about how to get Kate Middleton hair. So, we're going to use a setting lotion through Anastasia's hair, which we've already washed with a volumizing shampoo. Spray this from roots all the way through the hair, and it will help to give it hold and volume.

Blow-dry this into the hair. Once the hair is roughly dry, start to take your sections, probably an inch to two inches thick. Just wrap the rest of the hair up to the top of your head.

Take a medium round brush so we can get volume combed through. Apply it to this end of the hair. Just keep the hairdryer tilted down as you pull the brush up towards you.

This is going to shine and keep it looking full. Then, you just bend it around the brush, and then around your fingers so the heat from the hairdryer will help set that curl. We're just going to hold it in place with a pin.

So, again, just taking our next section, two inches wide, we're going to wrap the hair around the brush throughout and then bend the ends, twist it around the fingers into a set until the whole head is a complete set. So, we just set the hair using a brush today, but if you want a more defined curl, then you can use a tong or a heated appliance which will set the hair for longer. Just take out all your pins and using a bristle brush, a natural bristle brush, just pull your head back and just brush it all the way through.

Just iron out any lumps and bumps. And nest the curls together at the ends. Then, just using your hands, just shape the hair to how you want it to sit.

So, that's just a really quick way to achieve a nice simple wave through the hair. You can do it at home, you just need a few pins, a good hairdryer, and a round brush, okay. And that's how to achieve Kate Middleton hair.