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How To Get Loose Curls

How To Get Loose Curls

Want soft, beautiful curls? In this two minute tutorial, a hair stylist demonstrates a quick and easy way to get loose curls.

Hi, I'm Edward Hayes. I am a hair stylist at Andrew Jose Hair Salon in London. This is how to do a loose curl.

When you are doing a looser curl, use a larger brush. Make sure you take the width of the section the same width as the brush. So again, go from the roots, to the mid-lifts, to the ends.

If you hold the heat towards the root, just to get a bit smoother. Concentrate quite a bit of time on the roots, as possible. Just run it through to the ends, but just focusing all the attention and pressure on the roots.

Then work it to the mid-lifts, and then work your way to the ends. As you're coming to the end, twist the brush around, to bend it inward, to start getting your looser curl in shape. When you are doing this, you don't have to pull the brush so tight, to the roots.

You just have to work mainly on the mid-lifts and the ends because this is where you want to get a looser curl. The reason why you use the larger brush, is obviously, so it's not so tight - so it doesn't spring up so much. And you can set in with a cool air.

You can actually just twist this off the brush, just pull it out slowly. So , it's a lot more looser.