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How To Get More Freedom From Your Parents

How To Get More Freedom From Your Parents

Ah, the age-old struggle: you want to do what you want, but your parents want you to do as THEY want. Here's how to negotiate yourself some more freedom.

Step 1: Empathize

When it comes to getting what you want from parents, the first step is to empathize with them. Time goes by a lot faster for old people, so to your parents it feels like just yesterday you were a little kid who couldn't tell edible food from Astronaut Barbie's protective headgear. Hence, they're freaked out about not being able to keep you safe, and about the hole in their lives that will be there when you leave.

Step 2: Catch Them In Right Mood

Catch them in a good mood. Hit them up when their favorite team wins, or after Mom's first wine spritzer. And NEVER ask for anything right when they get home from work.

Step 3: Give Them One Good Reason

Show them the upside to anything you're asking for. If you want to take the car to school, remind them that they won't have to pick you up that afternoon. Little hint- lose that one about everyone else's parents letting them do whatever it is you want to do. Usually it just annoys them.

Step 4: Sucking Up Never Hurts

Once they give you whatever you asked for, make them glad they did. Take the car to the car wash, or do your weekend chores before you roll out. That way they have another reason to keep saying yes.