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How To Get Online Wirelessly On A PlayStation 3

How To Get Online Wirelessly On A PlayStation 3

If you want to take your Playstation 3 online, do a little online gaming against people in other countries and take full advantage of the Playstation Network, you'll need to get your PS3 online. This video shows you how to do it wirelessly, so you don't have nasty cables cluttering up the place

Step 1: Set Up the Internet

You'll need a PC with a router, first and foremost. All connected up to the Internet, and broadcasting a wireless signal. If you don't have a wireless-capable router, you need to watch Videojug's film about getting your PS3 online with a wired connection.

Step 2: Set up the Connection

Turn on your router, and let it get up and running enough to connect to The Internet. On the PS3, head to Settings -> Network Settings->Internet Connection Settings and Easy.
From there, select Wireless -> Scan and hopefully your router should show up. A decent connection should have a strength of 80% or more, so if it's less than that you should either move the Router closer, preferably in the same room, or investigate using a wired connection.
Your SSID should be filled in automatically, but change it if necessary so it matches the one your router's using, through the settings on your PC.
Pick WEP security, and enter your WEP security key. Again, you can find this out by investigating the routers settings via your PC.
Hit Enter, and test the connection to make sure it works.
Boot up the Internet Browser to check the connection.

And there you have it. You can now sit back, relax, and watch VideoJug films without having to move from the sofa.
If you're having problems getting online wirelessly, the smartest thing to try first is to use the Custom setting instead of Easy, and fill in details accordingly. Failing that, try getting it running with a Wired Connection.