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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The thought of getting out of your comfort zone might be daunting for you and many people in similar circumstances. But it's actually a process with key things that you already have in you. But then again, for an effective coaching tool, try GROW.

So, you want to move to a different comfort zone but you're not too sure how to do that. Moving to a different comfort zone or changing your comfort zone is really important for your own sense of self and personal growth. One of the things I would suggest is to use a GROW model which is a classic coaching tool.

So, the G stands for goal, recognizing that there is another comfort zone out there. There is something else you can do which is just as comfortable as you're currently doing. It's actually recognizing it and setting yourself an actual goal to achieve in order to move yourself from your current comfort zone into the next one.

So, the R stands for reality. If you are to move to this new comfort zone, it will be your new reality. So, think to yourself, put yourself in that zone now.

Is it achievable? Is it a realistic goal that you've set yourself to do? Do you actually want to move to this comfort zone? Really weigh up the odds and then the O is the GROW model stands for obstacles. What is it in a dialogue that is stopping you from achieving this goal? From actual moving from your current comfort zone to the next? Is it fear? Is it that you're thinking, “Oh, I'm so comfortable here. I'm so relaxed.

I know exactly what's going on. I've got a routine. If I go here, it's all new, it's all fresh.

” But in order to grow, in order to get ahead, sometimes you do need to change, making a complete change all together. So, really really look at the obstacles and weigh up the pros and the cons. O also stands for options.

What are the options available to you? The options may see definitely at a time, how long it's going to take and the process is what do you need to do in order to actually change your current comfort zone to the next comfort zone. And the W stands for way forward. What are the next steps? What are the tangible things that you need to be doing in order to achieve changing your comfort zones? So, examples of changing comfort zones could be if you're going travelling for six months.

You're obviously set to do one country, you've got a way of life, you're used to the culture, but if you're out to stick to go travelling for six months to different countries, you're going to be in a completely new comfort zone which you have to adapt and change and embrace. And finally, the most important thing would be confidence to achieve your actual goal. Confidence is key.

Believe in yourself, believing that you have it in you to actually move one comfort zone to another and actually going for it. So, believe in yourself and believe in how confident you can be and you can achieve anything. .