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How To Get Pink Gums

How To Get Pink Gums

Want to know how to have healthy pink gums? In this VideoJug film, you will learn how to maintain healthy pink gums for a beautiful smile!

Hi, I'm Brian Halvorsen and I'm a dentist. I've been in practice for over 35 years, and I have written a book about my principles on holistic dentistry. The book is called Great Teeth for Life.

In this video, I will be discussing pink gums. Pink gums are what we all try to achieve. Why are they pink? The reason being is that it's a fairly thin layer with just the right amount of circulation to it, and what the pink rather than red represents is that you actually can see the white bone underneath it which is exactly what we should be seeing.

As soon as they go red, then basically it means that there is slightly too much blood or possibly inflammation, gingivitis, which is actually caused in the color change. Now to achieve pink gums, it's a little bit like saying that's a reward for actually brushing your teeth well and looking after them. Now there are very few circumstances where we can't say that pink gums are not what we're trying to achieve.

If possibly you are Afro-Caribbean, you may find that you have some pigmentation in the gums but the backgrounds should still be pink. Now to achieve that if you can't do it yourself, then this is something that you need to talk to with a hygienist or a dentist who can explain possibly but the reasons why but normally pink gums represents healthy gums. To maintain healthy or pink gums, it's very very much about tooth brushing.

Now, it doesn't actually matter if it's a electric toothbrush or manual but the mode of action often will determine the effectiveness of maintaining the gums in their pink condition. If you are not doing this, this is where you should be seeking advice due to the fact that your technique may not be correct. Now often to achieve pink gums, it means that you have a very little gap between the root of the tooth and where the gum joins it.

So that way, you can clean that junction where often plaque can build up and where gum disease can start. So basically, if your technique is correct the gums should remain pink and where they're not, is where you need to actually think, well am I doing things correctly? If you find that they're red, brush that area more because it may just be that you missed that spot and need to just go over it again. These are a few tips on how to maintain pink gums.

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