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How To Get Podcasts Onto Your iPod

How To Get Podcasts Onto Your iPod

When iPod's and broadcasting collide, you get a pod cast. Find out how to download them now with VideoJug's helpful video. Podcasts are really useful for catching up on shows you missed, so get Podcasts onto your iPod today the VideoJug way.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • An iPod
  • An iPod - USB cable
  • and a computer with an internet connection

Step 2: Getting Started

If you haven't set up your iPod or installed iTunes, refer to videojug 'How to get started with your iPod' for a detailed instruction.

Step 3: Downloading a Podcast

In iTunes, click 'podcasts' in the library list on the left of the screen in the 'Library list'. Click on 'Podcast Directory' at the bottom right hand of the window. This will take you to the iTunes Store podcast page.

Now have a look around, and decide on the one you want. Podcasts are often catagorised into episodes. If you only want one episode click 'get episode'. If you want to subscribe to the whole series, click 'subscribe'.

Click on downloads in the library list to see the progress of your podcasts downloads

Step 4: Transfer the podcast to your iPod

Plug the smaller end of the cable, which is the USB connector, into the USB port on the computer. This can be identified by the USB logo. Plug the other end of the cable, which is called the dock connector, into the base of you iPod.

A 'Do not disconnect' message will show up on the iPod screen.

Step 5: Automatic Updating

By default iTunes will automatically start transferring the podcasts from the computer to your iPod. This is called 'synchronizing'.

It is important that you do not disconnect the iPod while the transfer is happening.

When the iPod has finished the transfer, the iTunes window will state 'iPod update is complete'. Click the eject button next to the iPod icon. Wait for the iPod screen to light up, then disconnect.

Whenever you add or remove items from iTunes, your iPod will be automatically updated the next time you connect it to your computer.

Step 6: Manual Updating

If you do not want iTunes to automatically update your iPod you can change the settings to 'manually update'.

To manually update, open iTunes and connect your iPod to the computer. Click on the iPod icon in the Library list. The main display will change to your iPod summary. Click on the podcast tab at the top of the display panel. Uncheck the sync podcast box. Now to update your iPod simply drag and drop your wanted track into your ipod icon.

Step 7: Done

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