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How To Get Reese Witherspoon's Hair

How To Get Reese Witherspoon's Hair

A very helpful video to explain how to style your hair just like Reese Witherspoon's and have fabulous hair on your night-out.

In this video, I would like to show you how to style Reese Witherspoon's hair. She has got beautiful long, fine hair, and there is a slight difference in how to style hair for the red carpet as opposed to just sort of styling for the causal night-out. When we style hair for this event, for the special event like red carpet, it is all about volume.

So, you have to do straighteners or curling tongs handy. You have to have a brush, the feathered brush, the hairspray, some pins and gripes handy, and that's about it. As you can see, I have already curled our model's hair to prepare for this style and I will just show you in a couple sections how I did that with the straighteners.

If you take this section of hair which is about an inch and a half wide and if you start sort of turning and twisting the straightener slowly pulling this strand through the heated plates of the straightener towards the end, you will get that perfect curly look, like that, and the second step will be to clip the top bit up so we can start back combing all around and create that volume. Basically, you just take this section of the hair using the brush and start back combing. You will need to have hairspray handy because we have to spray the back comb section with the spray.

We're creating the perfect base now, the cushion for the rest of the hair to sit on top, and cover the back combing area. If your hair is very, very fine, back combing is not the best idea but you can do it if it's very sort of slight, if it's very slight back combing. The reason being, the fine hair is very see-through so you can see the back combing through the hair, if you don't have a lot of thick hair to cover the back combing.

It does look messy but that is how it should look. A little bit of hairspray. We just have to wait a couple of seconds for the hairspray to dry.

And afterwards, we have to release our section, the top of it, and we will be backcombing it as well. So, we'll do the front initially forward so it just splits in two. Start backcombing this bit.

We are creating a lot of volume on the crown. That is where we have to work a little bit more. We will need to use a little bit of hairspray here as well to fix that.

And now, we have our last section which will be sitting on top of that covering of that back combed area. We have to do a little bit more smalls than the previous two sections we did to make sure it doesn't show our back combing through the top. Leave it a couple of seconds.

And now, just smooth it through like that. Smooth it over. Smooth it over with a brush, very, very light.

In order to lift a little bit, you have to use a tail comb like that. Just in case you wanted to lift the back comb area. Put even more hairspray back on top.

And that was how to do Reese Witherspoon hair. .