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How To Get Rid Of A Cough

How To Get Rid Of A Cough

Doctor William Drysdale, in association with thanksdoctor.co.uk outlines why coughs exist and how to get rid of them safely in good detail.

My name is Doctor William Dry dale, I've been a qualified medical practitioner for over forty years. Currently I have a strong but non-clinical association with thanksdoctor.co.

uk. I am going to tell you how to get rid of a cough. Basically it is due to the virus causing an outpouring of mucus in the nasal passages and in the throat and phalanx.

We all recognize this mucus because we blow our nose. Now if this drips down the back of the throat, which we call a post nasal drip, the mucus will slide into the bronchi, that's the tubes that lead to the lung, and then a little lower down which will irritate the lung. There will be a reflex action of coughing simply to get rid of the mucus.

There are other causes which really have to be recognized. Pollutants, dust, and of course smoke. Anyone who is a smoker really is not going to help themselves while they have a cough unless they give it a rest and hopefully stop.

There's basically no antibody or super drug one can take to abbreviate or eradicate a cough. One really has to wait until nature clears up near the outpouring of the mucus which is causing the irritation. There are certain measures that can alleviate a cough.

Soothing drinks, a honey and lemon are all very helpful, soothing pastimes are all very helpful. Antihistamines can sometimes be helpful. Antihistamines are something which you take against allergies and itch.

You may well ask the value of cough medicine; well up to a point they can be helpful. They come in various types with different ingredients and there is a vast array available from your pharmacist or supermarket. I would add that they are rarely prescribed by doctors these days.

They may just be soothers, they may contain an antihistamine, and some it is true will contain a regional drug that is an actual cough suppressant. It has a biological effect on the reflex mechanism in the lungs which will reduce a cough, however in order for this particular drug to be effective you would have to give it in a larger dose than would be safer to put in a proprietary cough medicine because it cause you to either be drowsy or give you constipation or other unwanted side effects. That is how you get rid of a simple cough.