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How To Get Rid Of A Headache

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Many people are afflicted with common headache from time to time. Watch this video to get tips for managing these headaches.

Headaches basically fall into two categories - the simple common headache, and the more elaborate and complicated headaches. But let's talk about the common headache that most of us may get from time to time. What are the causes of these? Well, tiredness, fatigue, stress, particularly, overwork, being in stressful situations at work or in relationships.

These can produce the typical, what is called, tension headache. And this is basically caused by contraction and tension in the muscles of the scalp and the neck. These headaches can be managed quite simply by maybe resting, maybe lying down, a cold compress on the front of the scalp or on the neck, and simple analgesia, simple painkillers, Paracetamol, aspirin if you're not allergic to it or it doesn't have side effects.

If headaches become regular and repeated, if they have other characteristics like, perhaps, they make you feel sleepy or your consciousness level, you think is not quite as acute as it should be, if you feel sick, and particularly if your vision is affected, these are headaches that should not be left to self-medication. But you should fairly instantly consult your doctor, particularly if the headache is sudden and very severe. That would require an urgent appointment with your doctor or probably even swifter to go to an A&E department.

And that is how to get rid of a simple headache. .