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How To Get Rid Of A Mole

How To Get Rid Of A Mole

How to Get Rid of a Mole - moles on your body can be annoying or embarrassing. Watching this short video will educate you on ways your medical professional can remove moles that you are unhappy with or effect your confidence. The doctor in this video discusses freezing, removing with surgery, and cauterizing. Specific cautions are also made regarding the possibility of cancerous moles.

I'm here to talk to you today about how to get rid of a mole. There are various different kinds of moles, some you are born with, some you acquire as you get older some are sort of warty looking type of moles called seborrheic moles. Some of them have hairs growing in them, so those are all the different types of moles.

What's important though is before you try an get rid of it to make sure it is just a benign mole and nothing serious and not skin cancer basically. So if there's any symptoms at all - if they're itchy or they're bleeding, getting larger or they look a bit funny - you must see your GP before you try and get rid of them. The reason that's important is if it's a mole that you want to get taken out, if it's changing at all, if it's one that is a cancerous mole, if there's any doubt it must not be taken out even if it's someone qualified to do minor surgery, it must be referred properly to a dermatologist and they need to do a proper biopsy before it can be taken out.

Having said that assuming that the mole is one hundred percent benign just something of cosmetic or you know catching on your bra strap or something like that that's just a bit annoying, then fine, it is safe to remove without necessarily performing a biopsy. So there are different ways of removing the mole. One is you can actually freeze the mole with liquid nitrogen.

So lots of GPs can do that. It relies on something call the freeze thaw cycle where you freeze the mole than you let it thaw and it's the act of thawing and freezing again. A bit like taking something out of the freezer and letting it thaw, you can't put it back in and use it again because the meat will go off and it's the same principle.

It destroys the cells in that area and then it will just form a scab and come off. Sometimes it needs several treatments if it's a big mole or a thick fleshy mole and then you can actually use minor surgery to take out the mole as well. So you can basically a bit of local anesthetic and cut around the mole, few stitches, stitches are out within five to seven days depending on where the mole is.

A little bit longer if it's on the lower legs or if you're older. Sometimes you can use cautery as well which is a hot wire which is placed on the mole but that can be a little bit painful so I probably wouldn't go for that option but it can be done. So, that's all I can say about helping to remove your moles and I hope that's been of some use.