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How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

How To Get Rid Of A Runny Nose

There are several potential causes for a runny nose and this video from Dr Gemma newman details the various causes and treatment options for dealing with each cause.

Hello, I'm Dr. Gemma Newman and I am a GP and broadcaster and today I'd like to help you with a few top tips to improve your health. I'd like to talk to you today about how to get rid of a runny nose.

So firstly, it's important to figure out why your nose is running. Now, there's lots of reasons for a runny nose. The most common reasons would be a simple cough or a cold, or a viral flu infection.

In which case, a few days of rest, and maybe some decongestants, should sort out your problem. If you have a more persistent problem with your nose running, it could be something like hay fever or nasal polyps or another cause. These causes are best split into allergic and non-allergic causes.

So non-allergic would be things like smoke as an aggravating factor, temperature changes, hormonal changes, thyroid problems or drugs. And this tends to be a little bit more difficult to treat. You may want to go see your own doctor about this or try some simple steroid sprays in the meantime.

Now, the allergic causes of a runny nose mostly fit into the category of hay fever. Now, it’s not just hay fever, it could also be an association with asthma and other allergies. For example, allergies to things like the house dust mite or something like flakes of dead skin from your pets or other animals for example.

Also, allergic runny nose or allergic rhinitis?? can be caused by allergens in the work place such as wood or dust or latex or chemicals. Any of these things can cause runny nose in susceptible people. So, what do we do about it? Well, the first thing would be pretty obvious and that is to try to avoid the trigger for your runny nose.

So for example if you are getting the runny noise because of wood chippings or because of something else at the work place, it may be worth trying to find a way of avoiding these triggers. Other things like the house dust mite Its very difficult to try and avoid that, but general cleaning of the house, vacuuming and changing your bed covers may help. If it is to do with pets and dead skin from your animals, then maybe try to limit the contact with your family pet, or wash your hands after petting them or maybe try and avoid having them in general living areas and especially in the bedroom.

OK, so what about treatments? Well, the most common treatment would be an anti-histamine or an anti-allergy tablet. Now you can get these over the counter or you can get them from your doctor. And there are a variety of types.

So don't give up after just one if it didn't work for you. What else can you try? Well, for runny nose what is often a little bit more useful is a nasal spray. Now this can be in the form of an anti-histamine nasal spray or a steroid nasal spray.

And again, It is probably worth discussing this with your doctor if you do need to go down the nasal spray route. What else can you do? Unfortunately, if it is any more severe than that, you will need to see your doctor for other possibilities like steroid tablets or other things like skin prick testing. I hope that these tips have been useful for you and I hope that we have been able to sort out your runny nose.