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How To Get Rid Of Body Fat

How To Get Rid Of Body Fat

Find out the key to getting rid of body fat. It may not be what you think it is.

My name is Nick Mitchell. I'm a personal trainer in London. I own a gym called Ultimate Performance and here in this gym, we train everybody from pop stars ad soap stars to professional athletes and lots and lots of regular people in the art and science of body composition.

The key to effective and long lasting fat loss is it comes from the heart of the person wanting to lose the fat. If you're not motivated, you're not going to do it. This may not be what somebody's expecting to hear from me in terms of the key bit of advice of fat loss but in actual fact, the key bit is less important.

It's motivation. If you are self-motivated, if you have the desire to lose fat, then you're going to go a long way. You have to look at your calories.

It is not as simple as some would have me believe that it's calories in, calories out, but calories are very very important. If I give you the perfect diet, but you then increase the calories of that diet, you get exactly the same macronutrients but you increase the calories by 200%, you're not going to lose weight because your body has no reason to lose weight. You must remember your body doesn't want to lose weight, your body wants to store to fat.

Fat is the most efficient storage unit in the body. Our ancestors survived by being able to accumulate fat at times of feast so that they could then survive during times of famine. So, calories are very very important.

Just as important as calories is the hormonal status of the individual. Now, this hormonal profile can be extremely complicated. There can be so many factors that govern why your hormones are slightly different.

It could be from the rather obvious, a man and a woman. It could be to the subtle, it could be down to digestive impairment causing a lack of zinc that in turn could lead to a lack of testosterone in a man. So there's lots and lots and lots of reasons.

All that matters is do you store this proportionate come out on your belly button, do you store this proportionate come out on the back of your triceps, do you store this proportionate amount on your love handles, on your hips on your knee, on your calf? There are many many places where this could be and this gives us a map of what's going on with your body, and with this map, you can then start to prescribe very specific nutrition and supplementation protocols to help modulate you back to where it is that you should be. And this, when combined with the right exercise and the right calorie controlled diet, can have a huge impact when followed.