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How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Arms

How To Get Rid Of Bumps On Arms

How to Get Rid of Bumps On Arms - Those red dry bumps on your arms can be annoying and embarrassing. Get advice from a dermatologist on products to use and easy ways to get rid of them in this short video.

So what that is, the fancy name is Keratosis Pilaris it's a very, very, very common disorder, usually it is inherited.

So how it presents is very rough spots, multiple small rough spots on the outer arms, upper arms, also on the thighs, sometimes on the forearms and on the back as well, and also on the cheeks. They can be skin colored, brown, or red. You are especially prone to it if you're over weight or you are from a Celtic background or if you've got allergic skin reactions or if you've got dry skin.

It's particularly bad in the winter or very dry humidity. It is quite harmless but can be quite unsightly, so people can become very self conscious about it. No one knows exactly why this happens although the thought is that the cells lining the hair follicle form a thick dry plug and cause the pores to get bigger instead of being rubbed off.

So it can be quite hard to treat but the main stay is to keep moisturized regularly and keep exfoliating using either a loofah or a bromadermal abrasive gel bysestim buy that it's quite good, just to get rid of the excess skin and the dead skin plugs that are causing the symptoms. Also to minimize dryness you need to use a non soapy cleanser because soap can also dry the skin. When you are choosing a moisturizer try and moisturize twice a day and use something with salicylic acid, urea, or alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid and that can also get rid of the dead skin layer and the skin plugs.

A topical retiniod can also work so Retin-A or Retinoic Acid or acetic acid and again that causes a slight irritation of the skin and causes the dead skin layers to come off. Sometimes it can cause a little bit of redness but if you persist with it then that usually goes away but if it doesn't than you obviously you need to stop. You can't uses retinoid or retin A based products if you're pregnant or breatfeeding children.

You can use laser or IPL for reducing the redness of the spots but it's only temporary and it doesn't actually reduce the bumpiness of the spots. So I hope this has been useful and thank you for listening to me.