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How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

Paul Bates shows you how to eradicate the larvae of the carpet beetles in this VideoJug tutorial. It is important to recognize the carpet beetle but it is its larvae that will damage your woollens. The larvae of this beetle are lurking outdoors in your garden and in the flowers throughout your yard and you should take care of these larvae to protect your things.

There's a beetle that quite often people don't think too much about. It looks like a lady bug but it's a brown and yellow muddled color. If you start seeing these in your house, they're actually called carpet beetle.

The beetle themselves do very little damage, but, well, they do no damage at all. They'll be feeding on flowers such as hog weed and spirea, living out in the garden. However, their larvae are called woolly bears and they are 3 or 4 millimeters in length and they're white, slightly hairy, with brown at one end, and if you see them, get rid of them quickly.

Because they are the carpet beetle larvae and they will do a lot of damage to woollen carpets, woollen rugs, clothing, woollens, if they're found in, if they find their way into your wardrobes. They'll do a lot of damage. They'll chew holes through everything very, very quickly.

Now, if you do find them, the clothing needs to be taken to a dry cleaner and properly, thoroughly cleaned. Hoover up any larvae into your Hoover, even putting down a little drop of insecticidal powder, sucking that up into the Hoover to take care of the larvae in the Hoover, rather than leaving them in there to live and breed happily on what's been sucked up into the Hoover and then, an insecticidal spray around, of the edges of the carpets, inside the wardrobes, around the cracks and crevices in your drawers or bedroom cabinets, things like that. If the problem continues, then that's probably when you need to call in a professional pest control company such as CleanKill to take care of the problem for you.