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How To Get Rid Of Cat Smell

How To Get Rid Of Cat Smell

The owner of an animal grooming business provides three clear and easy DIY tips to keep your home (and your cat) smelling fresh and clean.

This is a few tips on how to get rid of lingering cat smells in your house. Obviously, dirt, hair, and things like that tend to get on carpets so make sure you clean up areas regularly. Hoover.

I have cats and dogs myself and I tend to hoover everyday just to get rid of all that dead hair. Obviously, groom them as much as you can. Often, cats like being groomed with a cat mit or something like that, gently brushing out the hair.

On cat hair, there's also skin and dust which tends to cause a lot of allergies within the house, so that will remove a lot of that. Make sure you change their bedding on a regular basis, washing it, so its bedding, where they sit, cushions, covers, those sorts of things. Also, you can use fresheners within the house, to sort of de-stress the cat as much as getting rid of the smells.

Things like lavender and rosemary are really good oils to use. You can make your own by putting them around therapy oils and with water, mixing up and making a spray or you can actually buy air fresheners from supermarkets. So just to recap, to actually get rid of cat smell in your house, make sure that your cleaning the areas down, hoovering everyday if possible, regularly grooming the cat to get rid of any dead hair, skin, and dust which tends to cause a lot of the allergies.

Change a lot of the bedding areas, cleaning up where they sleep. Use oils and air fresheners to get rid of smells, like lavender and rosemary are really good, and you can make up your own oils by using aromatherapy oils in with water, mix it in a splash bottle and then spray around the house. So that's a few ways of getting rid of cat smells within the area. .