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How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

It is important to thoroughly clean the area where a cat urinates with biological wash powder. This removes the enzymes. Using lavender or other aromatherapy oils may help to relax your cat.

I'd like to talk about getting rid of cat urine smell in the house. The best way of doing it is to actually clean down areas where the cat has urinated. A lot of people use products from supermarkets or bleaches and things like that and that tends to not clean the areas.

If you use biological washing powder in hot water solution, scrub the areas down properly, leave to dry, then if you get a solution of surgical spirit, clean over with surgical spirit, that gets rid of both the enzymes and the scent marking. That will avoid the cat going back to the same place and take away the smell of scent marking. Try and avoid any products using lemon because cats tend to be very adverse to lemon, so having lemon in the house might make them urinate even more, which defeats the objective.

Also, use things like lavender, oils, rosemary oils. You can use aromatherapy oils or just air fresheners. Lavender, cats enjoy it.

They like the smell of that so it tends to de-stress them as well and you can use things like Felloway, which you can get on the veterinary side. It's a pheromone that tends to relax a cat. Of course, air the room properly.

If there are other things that they're urinating on, bed and places like that, then obviously, you need to seek further advice. Just to recap on that, if you clean the areas down with biological washing powder, make sure you scrub it properly - surgical spirit, just to get rid of the scent marking. Avoid any lemon products because that would stress the cat out, which may be one of the reasons why they're urinating.

Use products like lavender, rosemary oils, air fresheners, those sorts of things that will help to de-stress the cat. Make sure to air the room by leaving windows and doors open just to let the air go through. .