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How To Get Rid Of Chicken Mites

How To Get Rid Of Chicken Mites

In this video, Suzie Baldwin teaches you how to take care of your chickens and get rid of red mites, scaly legs and louse which are common problems in keeping chickens.

Alright, we're going to talk about chicken and then mite, and we're going to focus at the moment on red mite which is a huge problem within the poultry community. All chickens are prone to it, they do not live on the birds and very unlikely you're going to see them on the birds, they live in the houses, in the cracks and the crevices. So, you need to really check your houses to have a good look around.

One of the first signs that your chicken has got red mite are one, they will become anemic and they have cones on the top of their heads, they'll start looking pale and they'll be really reluctant to go to bed because that's where the mites are and they will be coming out to feed on them in the night, they spend a couple of hours feeding on the blood of your chickens and can do them some serious damage, so you need to check your houses regularly and thoroughly. Pinning a white cloth up in your coop at night will give you an indication. You can check that cloth in the morning and if there are any horrible little bugs on, they are tiny like a pinhead and they are grey or red if they had a feed and you will know you have got them and you'll have to take action with either chemicals that you can buy, smoke bums are very good and treat the bird as well and give her a fighting of chance to getting her immunity up again.

Blotto, which works really well but health and safety says be careful. What else? Vaselines made on the legs of your chickens will stop the mites walking up her legs and having a feed on her. They lay on chicken, they are very, very common and they are very irritating to the girls.

It's not something that you need to be hugely alarmed about because they respond really, really well to medicated powders, so they die very quickly which is great. The signs to look for are usually around the vent area of the chicken which is at bottom and there you'll find if they have them, tiny little white oval eggs and they'll be laid at the base of the feathers. If you have got a bad infestation, then you'll have to see the lice crawling around on the chicken skin and they are quite large, I suppose about 5 or 6 millimetres long and they are coloured.

To treat your bird, dust them with a louse powder in their house and if possible, move them on to fresh ground but they do respond very, very well to the powders on the market at the moment. So, scaly legs in chickens, they live on the legs on the chickens, and very easy to catch on birds and things and very easy to bring back into your flock when you buy your bird, so their legs out. The mites burrow in under the skin of the bird's feet, especially feathery is difficult to spot in feathered feet chickens.

There are lots of things on the market to use, and for scaly legs, but the best treatment I found from an old farmer friend is surgical spirit poured over the feet of the chicken and then smear the legs every three days with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to smother the chickens and suffocate them on their legs. Very important to clean your house thoroughly and move it onto fresh ground. That's how to get rid of red mite, scaly legs and louse.

This is just one of many tips derived from our book "The essential guide to choosing and keeping happy, healthy hens". .