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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The Video: How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches. In this video, a professional pest controller gives advise on how to battle cockroaches in your house. We learn about the dangers of cockroaches, how to remove them with a so-called Integrated Pest Management program and what personal protection equipment to use while dealing with a cockroach problem.

Hello, my name is Graham Selleck. I'm the proprietor of Sabre environmental property services. We are pest controllers, based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

We are there for all your pest control needs. I'm now going to talk about the control of German cockroaches, Blattella germanica. This is quite a nice picture of the fellow there.

It's not quite as big as that in real life. They are round about twelve milimeters in length, but they are a serious health problem. They carry food poisoning, agents, salmonella, E.

coli. We fear we may have cockroaches in the kitchen, what do we do? Thoroughly clean the kitchen, especially behind the fridge and the oven. Remove the plinths from the kitchen cabinets and clean underneath.

We don't want any traces of food. To do treatments, first of all, we need to protect ourselves with Personal Protection Equipment, P.P.

E. Gloves. When we're spraying, a good face mask and safety glasses to protect the eyes.

We spray underneath the kitchen cabinets with a residual insecticide spray. Lightly spray behind the fridge, this way, it will agitate the cockroaches and they will fall out of the fridge mechanism. Cockroaches love to live in the back of fridges.

They like the warmth and it's dark and secluded. The other thing we can use in our armory are sticky traps. These are just plain cardboard with pieces of sticky material inside.

Cockroaches like to get into little dark corners, crevices. They enter through these holes and stick on the pads. That's a good way of removing them.

We need to place these between three and six foot intervals underneath the kitchen cabinets. Certainly behind the cooker, under the cooker and behind the fridge. In fact, if you you have cockroaches anywhere in the premises, use these traps.

Now proofing. We need to stop up cracks, crevices, anywhere a cockroach can take harbourage. If you live in apartments, you need to check the neighbours, both to the sides and up and down.

Have they got a problem? Are you getting your cockroaches from the neighbours or are they invading your neighbours from your property? To summarize, we need to use I.P.M.

, Integrated Pest Management. We change the environment by removing the food. We do proofing to prevent the cockroaches from entering.

We seal up the gaps and we use residual sprays to kill the cockroaches that we got there. Hope this helps for your cockroach problem.