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How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

This video is a great reference for those people who suffer from embarrassing dark underarms. The causes and treatments outlined in the video are very easy to understand. So if dark underarms are your problem this wonderful doctor maybe able to help, quickly and effectively.

I'm here to talk to you today about how to get rid of dark underarms. Mainly this is a problem of darker skins; Mediterranean, Asian, African, Caribbean type skin. There's is two main causes: one is something called acanthosis nigricans and there is lots of different subtypes but the most common is hereditary.

So you're just born with it I'm afraid. And the second one is persi-flammatory so if your- You know, after shaving you're first bit of irritation if you irritated to the deodorants that you use it will often go darker after the initial irritation settles. So you need to obviously avoid whatever is causing the irritation, if that means stopping shaving for a while then do so.

Or if you can wax that would be better, and then it will actually gradually fade. If it's hereditary then you might need to use like a gentle peel like glycolic acid type of peel combined with something called a blending bleaching cream with retin-A and cirgic acid in it to prevent re-hyper pigmentation of the skin and that will gradually, with time, fade the skin away. However, there is some other forms of acanthosis nigricans mainly in over weight people who have raised levels of insulin and also people with hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovaries.

So it will help actually to treat the underlying cause of high levels of insulin or polycystic ovaries. You may not completely get rid of the dark underarms so you do need to see a GP if you think either of those two apply. In addition if you are on medication such as insulin injections or other medication that can also make the armpits go darker, and I'm afraid, you know you can use peels or various bleaching creams with retin-A, cirgic acid, hydroquinone.

They work very well to reduce the melanin pigment cells in the skin. You can get some irritation with hydroquinone and retin-A but because they are not exposed so much to the sun the irritation is less so. Using the retin-A, vismena based creams you do need to not have it if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

But cirgic acid and hydroquinone are fairly safe to use. The hydroquinone you need to use maximum for a period of two to three months then have about a month or so break in between. The other cause of dark underarms is something called erythrasma which is actually a bacterial and/or a fungal infection of the armpits and sometimes the groin area and also between the toes.

In Caucasians actually it's not a dark appearance it's a pinkish appearance but in darker skinned people it can be sort of a brownish appearance and it's often scaly and it may not have any symptoms with it but it will spread relatively quickly. So you will be able to tell the difference between that and the other conditions I mentioned above. If you go to a GP they will prescribe you an antibiotic or anti-fungal cream to put underneath the arms.

Very rarely, you do need an antibiotic tablet. So I hope this has been a bit useful in how to get rid of your dark underarms and thank you for listening.