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How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin: Dead skin prohibits the growth of new skin underneath. This is how to use an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

Hi, my name's Sunita Passi from Tri-dosha, we're specialist training providers in Ayervedic massage, nutrition and meditation. And I'm looking forward to telling you about how to transform your life with a variety of different techniques. I'm here to tell you about getting rid of dead skin.

Now firstly, the first thing I want to say is there's no quick fix. Getting rid of dead skin is going to take some time. There's no procedure, no matter what magazines tell you that are effective in one go.

So you are going to have to be disciplined, you're going to have to realize that this is going to take a few treatments to actually start to put right. Dead skin prohibits the growth of new skin underneath. So anyone who feels that they are suffering from cell renewal or that they feel that their skin needs exfoliating should certainly think about removing the dead cell so that the new cell renewal can take place underneath.

You can make home remedies for yourself using specific scrubs if you would like to try that. But what I'm going to show you is a scrub by, which has been formulated by our company Tri-dosha, which is also used in our facials which is a beautiful natural scrub which has two ingredients, two main medicinal ingredients called Kutki and Fitkari. Kutki is actually a medicinally-based ayervedic plant and it visibly refreshes dull, tired-looking skin.

And then kutki is known to reduce skin toxins. Both of these ingredients, when used within a scrub formula start to exfoliate the skin at a deeper level. And it also means, because it's natural, that you know you're not doing any harm to your skin.

The procedure itself is very simple. You would actually clean the skin first, so make sure there's no dirt or residue on the skin. And then simply taking a small amount of scrub on the back of your palm, you would then start to apply it to the skin in sweeping motions.

So on both sides, you simply apply the scrub to the skin by taking it in sweeping motions. And again, over the forehead. And also just make sure that you cover the nose.

You'll feel the little granules in the scrub as they start to do their magic work. And you can be sure that your skin will look very rejuvenated at the end of this treatment. Now while that's setting, if somebody has applied the scrub for you, then it's nice if they can actually give you a little head massage while the scrub is setting.

You need it to set for ten to fifteen minutes. If you've applied it yourself, you can give yourself a foot soak in-between, read a book, watch a bit of tele, but you're going to need to leave the scrub on for ten to fifteen minutes before you actually take it off. After the ten to fifteen minutes, you need to come back to your skin and using little finger circles, just lightly massage the exfoliant deeper into the skin.

Now it should be a lot drier at this stage but you will feel it starting to work its magic. Okay, so just lightly massage into the skin. Once you're happy that all of the ingredients have been massaged into the skin and the scrub as been left on long enough for it to perform its magic, you're then ready to take it off.

If you're doing this treatment at home, you can simply splash warm water onto your face. You're going to need to do this a number of times and that should take the scrub off. If you're having a treatment from somebody else, whether it's somebody at home or whether you've gone for professional treatment, the scrub will actually be taken off with hot towels.

Now, once you're ready to take the masque off with a warm towel over the forehead, over the nose from the chin and then just work your way upwards as you take the scrub off, make sure the skin's nice and clean. Once you've scrubbed the skin with your masque, there may be a little residue of water on there. Just leave that.

That's fine. That will just nourish the skin even more. And this is a treatment you need to do on a regular basis.