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How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites. In this video a pest control expert gives advice on how to remove dust mites from your house. Learn about the circumstances and places dust mites enjoy, what dangers are involved in having a high population of dust mites in your property and get step by step instructions on removing them. The video also gives tips on preventing dust mites to reappear.

Hello, my name is Graham Selleck. I'm the proprietor of Sabre Environmental Property Services. We are pest controllers based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

We are there for all your pest control needs. I'm now going to talk about house dust mites. They are a small creatures, less than a millimeter long, but they can cause big problems for people with breathing disorders.

What do dust mites like? They like high humidity, dusty carpets, full of human skin cells, wet dark rooms, low ventilation, old pillows, especially the feather type. So, if you want to treat the dust mites, this is one our best friends. It's the hoover, fitted with hyperfilter, which takes the hyperallergenic dust out of the air when it's in operation.

Why do we need to control them? Well, because of breathing disorders, and young children, if they are exposed to a heavy population of dust mites, may develop asthma and bronchitis, later on in life. So, although they are tiny, they are quite a signifcant pest. What can we do? The treatment? It's actually essential that the person who has the breathing disorder does not carry out the treatment, because it means disturbing dust in the atmosphere and I think they would become very ill, quite quickly.

So we need someone who's not asthmatic or has any breathing disorder. First thing we do, open the windows, remove the bed cloths, launder and wash them. Vacuum clean the mattress, both sides.

Get the pillow, if you had it for a while throw it away, buy a new pillow. Vacuum clean under the mattress, any part of the bed, all the carpets. Quilts, we can dry clean them, or hang them out in the sunshine, if it's a nice warm sunny day, for about three hours.

What else can we do? Install condensation controls. If you got a problem with condensation in your property, these are electronic systems, which change the air within the property, and keep the humidity down. Good housekeeping.

Wash your curtains, remove carpets from bedrooms. If you got a severe asthmatic person, have hard flooring instead. Hide mattress covers, once you vacuum clean the mattresses, fit it with a tight fitting cover, a hypoallergenic cover, this will help prevent the mattress becoming infested again with dust mites, or the droppings from dust mites.

I hope some of these things I mentioned, if you carry them out, will help get rid of your dust mite problem, or alleviate it and help that person who has a breathing disorder. .