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How To Get Rid Of Face Fat

How To Get Rid Of Face Fat

In this video, Dan Roberts, who runs a fitness constancy in London, will explain how to get rid of face fat. You will learn which exercises have the best fat burning benefits.

So, some advice on how to get rid of a fat face. Firstly, you need to look at your diet. When you're looking at your diet to lower your body fat levels which will have a benefit in your face as well as the rest of your body, the most important thing is to get rid of the bad stuff.

Get rid of processed foods. Get rid of sugar or lower it. Get rid of alcohol.

Do that and that alone will make a difference and you'll have a slimmer face. Next, exercise. Now, there's lot of different types of exercises available.

From card, weightlifting, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, they all have different benefits. Now, if you have Pilates or yoga for example, great exercises, get a strong core, very flexible, really good but it's not going to do anything to change your body shape levels for most people. What I'd recommend is doing weightlifting and cardio.

Now, most people think it's just cardio, cardio, cardio. In fact, doing weightlifting or resistance training as it's called nowadays, actually invokes more of a change. This is because as you build a bit of muscle, the calories you eat goes to help that muscle break down and build up stronger again so you actually get long term benefits as well as the short term calorific benefit of working out.

So, another thing to think about when you're doing weightlifting, what to do exactly, I've got some dumbbells here which are quite heavy. I could do some bicep curls which are pretty hard work. I could do some squats, I could do some dead lifts, lots of things.

The principle is you want to work big muscle groups. So rather than working just my arms, it's much better to work my legs, and my bum, and my back which are much bigger muscle groups. So, the squat, very straightforward, sit down and stand up.

This has much more calorific and fat burning effect than lots of bicep curls. So, to recap, look at your diet. My key piece of advice is to get rid of the bad stuff and exercise.

Any exercise has got benefits but the one which has the most benefits is weightlifting and choose the hard exercises, the dead lifts, the bench press, the squats, lat pull down, the big multi-joint compound lifting exercises. If you do that regularly, you'll definitely see a difference in your whole body and you'll have less fat on your face. .