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How To Get Rid Of Flyaway / Static Hair

How To Get Rid Of Flyaway / Static Hair

Tired of static and flyaway hair? Suffer no more with top London hairdresser, Andrew Jose's, easy to follow tips.

Hello. My name's Andrew Jose, of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. How to get rid of static, or flyaway, hair.

Static and flyaway hair can be the absolute bane, and it's caused by so many simple things. It can be the static charge of the carpet in your house or in your workplace; it can be the atmosphere, air conditioning. All of these things lead to a drying of the hair, which can cause flyaway and sparks.

Nothing more frustrating, and really can cause quite a jump when you touch someone and off goes a little spark. But there are simple ways you can get of that. The first is that when you're preparing your hair, just use a heat protector like a heat shield, which will then put a barrier over the hair, and this will control the amount of flyaway-ness that you have because it's putting a negative charge onto the head.

Secondly, you might need to have a bit more hold. So using a volumizing spray will have much the same effect, but it actually holds it very lightly: almost as if you've got a hairspray on the hair. And thirdly, you can use a light serum which will just put a very smooth amount of silicone over the top of the hair, which again, stops the hair from flying away.

If you're out and about and you don't have any of those things to hand, then in fact there's a couple of simple things that you can do. In the first instance, you can just take a little bit of water, spray it onto the palms of the hands, bring it through and then just lightly touch, and that will give you a quick, temporary solution to stop the hair flying away all over the place. Another thing that works, which takes the static out of hair, is just find yourself a silk scarf and very lightly just rub it over the hair, so that it very lightly comes down.

The static is removed and you're left with sleek, calm, shiny looking hair.