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How To Get Rid Of Hives

How To Get Rid Of Hives

Hives are itching, stinging bumps that can appear on a person's skin, and can ruin anyone's day. Learn how to get rid of hives in this quick tutorial.

My name is Dr. William Drysdale. I have been a qualified medical practitioner for over 40 years.

Currently, I have a strong but non-clinical association with thanksdoctor.co.uk.

I am going to tell you how to get rid of hives. Hives are a condition affecting the skin. It appears in the form of a rash.

In fact, another name for it is "nettlerash" and a more medical term for it is "urticaria". So we have got hives, urticaria, and nettlerash, all the same condition. But medications like aspirin, which is obviously very frequently taken for various problems, some blood pressure tablets, and even some foods, particularly additives in foods can cause this eruption to occur.

The rash is redness with often small blisters, which might be round, dome-shaped, or they might be little lines. Potentially extreme heat and extreme cold in sensitive individuals. I would like to stress that some people's skin is more sensitive to getting hives than others.

For some people, actually, if they go into a bath with water they will get hives. How do we deal with it? How do we get rid of hives? Well, fortunately in most cases they are self-limiting. That means that they will disappear over 24 or 48 hours.

But while they are there they can be a nuisance. As I say, they sting and they itch, so what should we do? Well, cool them down if you can. Just the application of cold water if you have got nothing else.

Calamine lotion is a very soothing and cooling lotion, and I think it is a good idea that every household should have a bottle of calamine lotion. It is useful for a number of skin complaints. Histamine tablets, now these are available from your pharmacist, and probably from superstores.

These will take away the itch and the sting. So within 24-48 hours the condition should have resolved. If the hives, or nettlerash, or urticaria, if it is a recurring thing without any obvious cause it may be an underlying problem or condition that is causing it.

So if it is recurrent or if it persists longer than 48 hours, I would advise you to go have this checked out with your doctor just to see if there is anything underlying that needs attention. And that is how to get rid of hives. .