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How To Get Rid Of House Flies

How To Get Rid Of House Flies

How to get rid of house flies. In this short VideoJug tutorial, learn how to prevent those pesky and dangerous house flies from entering your home. You will also learn how to effectively exterminate them if they should invade your living premises.

Hello, my name is Graham Selleck, I am the proprietor of Sabre environmental property services. We are pest controllers based in Watford Hertfordshire. We are there for all your pest control needs.

We are now going to talk about house flies. There is the lesser house fly and the blow fly or bluebottle fly. The lesser house fly, Fannia canicularis and blowfly Calliphoridae are major health risks.

They carry over a hundred different human pathogens, salmonella and E.coli to mention only two. A single fly falling into a child's drink may deliver a lethal dose, so we can't afford to be lackadaisical about flies.

In commercial premises such as food outlets etc., they certainly need professional advice. When you touch things such as fly proof screens on windows, electric fly killers like you may have seen in supermarkets and door screens to prevent flies from entering.

In the home, we can still do quite a lot to prevent flies from becoming a health risk. We can use products such as this one in our dustbins. This one gives off a chemical permeation which will stop flies or help stop flies from laying eggs in the dustbins which then turn into maggots and then adult flies.

We can get bee curtains or fly screens for our back doors if you like to have them open in the warm weather that help prevent flies from entering. We can use these air burst aerosols if you have flies in the room. It is better to leave the room.

Be careful if you have any fish they are quite susceptible to these types of chemicals, remove the fish, give it a quick squirt, shut the door, come back in a few minutes and the flies will be dead. There are also these sorts of sprays that work equally well on areas where there are going to be flies. This is another product, it gives off a chemical vapor and will control flies in a confined space, you can have it the corner of your kitchen.

Well, I hope this advice and some of these products will help with fly control in your home.