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How To Get Rid Of Jowls

How To Get Rid Of Jowls

Jowls are something that a lot of people suffer with. However, it is not something you must suffer with. In this VideoJug video, learn about jowls and the ways you can get rid of them!

Hi. My name is Dr. Jenny Wakerly.

I'm a GP working in NHS and I specialize in dermatology. I also run a company called The Beauty Doctor specializing in cosmetic treatments and dermatological advice. I am here today to talk to you about how to get rid of jowls.

Now, jowls form as you get older because of the loss of collagen within your skin and also the loss of fat underneath the skin layer. It can also be worsened by loss of fat if you've lost weight very quickly. So you need to improve on two fronts really.

You need to improve on volume in the face, the structure of the face, and also the collagen within the skin. You can use creams such as Daeses Lifting Cream or Neostrata Actilift. Both of them have something called DMEA in it which improves the amount of acetylcholine within your skin layer.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which is produced as you get older and it is responsible for muscle tone so that can improve the tone of muscle underneath and help lift the jowls. Another way is to use a Retin A based cream or vitamin A based cream such as retinoic acid or tretinoic acid. This helps regenerate the collagen which is lost as you get older.

One of my favorite ways of getting rid of jowls apart from surgery is to use something called Sculptra, and this is a very natural product. It's made up of something called poly-L-lactic acid which is very similar to the lactic acid you produce when you go for a run for example. This is injected into the skin and it causes a very, very sub-acute inflammatory reaction.

It tricks the skin into starting to repair itself and therefore, to produce more collagen. That's because the skin repair cells or fibroblasts are actually the ones that produce more collagen and as we get older, our skin repair system isn't very good and so we don't produce the collagen to balance out the collagen that's been broken down which is why we have jowls and loose skin. Sculptra works really well in giving back the volume to the skin so the structure of the face and also giving back the collagen which is lost.

It's a very natural procedure as well. It takes about four and a half months to get the full results and people won't notice, they'll actually say you look really good so it is my favorite treatment. However, for some people, it won't be enough.

If you've got a lot of jowls or if your neck is affected as well, I'm afraid you need to be referred for surgery. So I hope this helps your treatment in jowls, and thank you very much for listening.