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How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

An informative video on how to make lifestyle changes to help you avoid getting kidney stones.

Kidney stones occur in people when a chemical builds up in the kidneys and forms little stones there different chemicals that do this
but often is a chemical that's called oxalate, and the oxalate builds up into a stone that then sits in the kidney or in the tube coming out of the kidney, known as the ureter. People know they have kidney stones because it causes tremendous pain in the lower back and often that goes with having an infection at the same time. Some people are more prone to making kidney stones and these are the oxalate type of kidney stones and such people need to avoid food that contains oxalate.

We know that oxalate is inside chocolate, coffee and spinach and to people who are known kidney stone formers should avoid eating these foods. There other thing we know that causes kidney stones is dehydration, if there isn't much water flowing through the kidneys the sediment that I'm talking about makes the stones is able to build up and form a stone really easily and so dehydration can cause kidney stones, both in people who had kidney stones before but also in other people therefore it's really important to avoid dehydration, to make sure you drink a litre and a half of water every day and to avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine which dehydrate the body. The majority of people who have kidney stones, the stones are small enough that actually they pass them through their system without ever needing any treatment.

If the stone has become large within the kidney then people sometimes do need a certain type of treatment to break down the stone. This is called lithotripsy and this breaks down the stone into smaller fragments and allows the body to pass it out as it would with a smaller stone. Normally though as I've said most people will pass out the stone without needing this treatment.

If you think you may have kidney stones then it's important that you ask your GP for an X-ray to see whether or not you do. Kidney stones are very easy to show up on an X-ray and that's the best way to visualize them. So that is how to prevent kidney stones, remember to avoid dehydration as that is a common cause of them.